Firing up my new raku kiln

I used my new raku kiln during the Summer. This winter has been so wet so I have to wait until the Spring to get going again. And lucky me it's Springtime again.

Last Summer was my first time using the newly fleeced kiln. To be honest I was a bit nervous about it. Not only was it my first time in about 9 years to fire up a Raku kiln but the pressure was on as I had an exhibition coming up during the Kilkenny Arts Festival in August 2017.

The first firing took about 4 hrs to reach temperature and at the end I had to blast up the butane to get it to reach temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. I continued using the butane ( bottles kindly donated by Bernard Kavanagh who is a wonderful friend and potter too) to fire over the summer but I think I will exchange them for a propane gas as its much hotter.