China June 2018

I arrived into Shanghai on Sunday the 16th of June. 

They say never use the taxis inside the airport but tiredness and jetlagged mixed I saw a sign for the Marriott hotel on one of the signs held up by a little Chinese woman so I ended up in a taxi to the Marriott. I was worried at first but settled into the journey into the city centre by looking out the widow and watching the Shanghai city come into focus. 

I stayed at the Marriott. It’s very centrally located. I was upgraded to a suite because I prepaid for breakfast.

Wow so breakfast was a feast 

There’s sections of food from India, Japan continental and of course Chinese I had Dahl and veg curry, veggie sushi, noodle with seaweed and tofu, Chinese dumpling which tasted of nothing, fresh melon, pickles and watermelon juice. Burp! 

The traditional food was eaten in the traditional way . There was a large table of Indians close by the Indian food, they were tearing the beard with their hands and they ate the international cuisine with a fork.



Finding vegan food will be a challenge. 

I wandered the hotel in the evening as I wanted to check out the restaurants. I wasn’t brave enough to walk out into the humid city just yet.

The Chinese restaurant after I show them a screen grab of “I don’t eat meat “ in Chinese had a bean curd dish,other than that it was fish in the Japanese restaurant and burger and pizza in the international restaurant.

I ended up in the lobby with edename beans, peanuts and a glass of red. I wanted to have my first Chinese meal but didn’t feel hungry enough for the bean curd. 

I am looking forward to the new experiences both culturally and artistically and the challenges of not having the language. 



Firing up my new raku kiln

I used my new raku kiln during the Summer. This winter has been so wet so I have to wait until the Spring to get going again. And lucky me it's Springtime again.

Last Summer was my first time using the newly fleeced kiln. To be honest I was a bit nervous about it. Not only was it my first time in about 9 years to fire up a Raku kiln but the pressure was on as I had an exhibition coming up during the Kilkenny Arts Festival in August 2017.

The first firing took about 4 hrs to reach temperature and at the end I had to blast up the butane to get it to reach temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. I continued using the butane ( bottles kindly donated by Bernard Kavanagh who is a wonderful friend and potter too) to fire over the summer but I think I will exchange them for a propane gas as its much hotter.  

Residency in China

Good news..I am heading over to China for 8 weeks in the summer.

I sent in an application to an International Residency programme in Jingdezhen South West of Shanghai. It's also called Porcelain City because the blue and white China originates from there.


It will be an exciting time. I hope to spend a few days exploring Shanghai before I get my feet under the desk in Jingdezhen.


I will keep a blog of my preparations for China and while I am there too 


Further details on the International Residency programme can be found on this link

my first blog post ...categories v's tags

Categories and tags ... I am building my new website and I didn't really understand the importance of categories and tags. With a bit of research I now understand that categories are like the blocks that fit into a particular hole.... remember that game when you were a baby...blocks of different shapes.. that's the one......and tags are the colours of the blocks the colours don't particular impact the game... catch my drift so that's the difference. I will try out these categories and tags and see how I get on. This is a huge learning curve for me this year.