My name is Liselott Olofsson. I live in the medieval city of Kilkenny, Ireland. I have an honours degree in Ceramics from The National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

I am a committee member of Ceramics Ireland, an organisation that supports ceramicists in Ireland.  

My work mainly consists of wheel thrown raku fired ceramics. Recently I have developed porcelain jewellery, porcelain wall pieces and I intend to expand my work further this year. 

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Clay is the starting point of my practice. The soft malleable material becomes an object through the gentle guidance of my hands using a potter’s wheel. Each piece informs the next, the memory of the last piece of clay on the wheel allows me to explore the potential of the material.

The process of making the objects on the wheel involves controlling the clay and shaping it. Each part of the making process on the wheel is a mixture of experience and control.  Throwing the clay I need to know how the material will respond to my hands. This relationship to the material is one of respect for the possibilities and experience of pushing the boundaries.

The final part of the making process is Raku firing. Here the knowledge of the materials and how they will respond to fire and smoke allows the element of surprise and a releasing of control.